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    Proven Stock Market Tips That Anyone Can Implement

    Do you ever wish you could own a piece of a company? If you have, then investing in the stock market could be right up your street. However, there's a lot of pertinent information you should learn before you begin investing. This article has that information. Before you spend money on an investment broker, you need to do exhaustive research to ensure they're trustworthy and reliable. You can be more confident of avoiding fraud by gathering important information about their track record Continue Reading→


    Learn About Your Credit Report and Score

    Maintaining a good credit record is a tough task. You have to be careful about paying all your bills on time and settling the mortgage installments. A late payment or a missed payment can affect your report and get you negative points. You have to be careful against identity theft in order to safeguard your credit scoring. Taking assistance from agencies offering credit reports can be very helpful. They can help you understand what exactly is going on with your goodwill statements and give you Continue Reading→

    real estate

    Why Is This the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate?

    If you follow the financial news, you will be overwhelmed by the chaos and despair the lies just beneath the market forecasts. The foundations of the American economy are in disarray. The government has to hide the truth about the unemployment numbers by eliminating people who aren't even trying to get a job anymore. The real number would likely cause a panic. What is important to understand is that fewer Americans are working to expand the economy than any time since the Great Continue Reading→


    Three Ways To Make Yourself Irresistible

    You desire to be that lady who guys seem not to take their eyes away from. You want to make that powerful first impression. You desire to attract guys as sugar attracts ants. But you've always wondered how. Henceforth, you'll wonder no more. Here are some great tips to help. They will change the way guys see you, if you try them. They work like magic. Tip #1. Radiate an Air of Confidence How do you carry yourself around in public? How do you carry yourself when in the presence of a guy? How Continue Reading→


    Why Courier Services Are Necessary for Businesses

    Why do companies need a courier service? The major role of a courier service in the company is to deliver items, documents and packages to their intended recipients faster than snail mail or ordinary mail services. The main reason many companies prefer courier providers over regular mail are its efficiency and the personalized service that it renders to its clients. Unlike ordinary postmen, courier providers understand the level of urgency their customers have for each delivery order. Continue Reading→


    Car review: Jaguar sets bar high for 2014 F-Type

    The automaker is billing the F-Type, now for sale, as the spiritual successor to the elegant 1961 E-Type. One thing the car won't do is lift sales significantly. In a 1961 debut that reverberated worldwide, Jaguar pulled the covers off its E-Type coupe at the Geneva Motor Show and redefined beauty in automobiles. In the era of audacious tail fins and unchecked mass, the sensual 1961 E-Type, also known as the XKE, offered a simple elegance. The coupe's designer was chasing Continue Reading→


    Stretching and Flexibility: 7 Tips

    Expert advice on how to stretch and stretching mistakes to avoid. I often see athletes and exercise enthusiasts stretching incorrectly, despite their good intentions. That can be risky, and no one wants to get injured. So here are seven suggestions to keep in mind when you start a stretching routine. 1. There is a difference between flexibility and stretching. Flexibility refers to the range of motion for a given joint. The degree of flexibility that a person has is influenced by Continue Reading→


    The 3 Best Gaming Desktop Brands

    If you're in need of a new desktop for the next-gen games that are about to come out, you'll need to do a sweep of what the market has to offer in terms of price and, of course, brands. The general idea is not to jump straight in and purchase the first desktop you encounter. It's a good idea to take your time and see what each brand has to offer in terms of installed hardware. Most brands will simply rip off others, even in logo designs and whatnot. Here are a few brands you should keep Continue Reading→


    Buy a franchise or start from scratch?

    Cape Town - For someone who has caught the entrepreneurial spirit and wants to start their own business, their choices are typically twofold: buy a franchise or start from scratch. Both have strong benefits, as well as risks. The Ocean Basket business model began as a mix of owned and franchised stores, and the directors had therefore given this point considerable thought before opting to make Ocean Basket a purely franchise restaurant chain. Most people starting their businesses from Continue Reading→


    10 top tips for buying ‘used’ cars

    Earlier in 2013 we reported on Retail Motor Industry Organisation CEO, Jeff Osborne, stating that the time to buy a car is NOW in 2013. He predicts an 8% rise in vehicle sales. What if you can't afford a new ride? What about the used-car market? Autocar UK’s used-car expert James Ruppert reveal the secrets of Bangernomics, showing savvy car buyers the contrasts of buying a new car with the good sense of buying a used one. 'WASTE LESS MONEY' Accoring to Ruppert, following his guide Continue Reading→


    Modern architects have forgotten how to build beautiful new houses

    When architects knew how to build pretty houses – Edinburgh New Town Michael Gove is quite right to say that the best British urban plans – the Nash Terraces of Regent's Park, or Edinburgh's New Town – make the country more beautiful. And, if new development schemes were as beautiful as that, we'd all rush to live in them. The problem is, in one of the world's most tragic acts of wilful amnesia, modern architects have forgotten how to build mass housing beautifully. No wonder we Continue Reading→


    The coffee culture in the usa

    It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I started drinking coffee regularly and became what they call in the Netherlands a ‘koffieleut’, which translates literally into ‘coffee socialite.’ Although the average European drinks more coffee per year than the average American, the cultural importance and its effects on the average European seems to me smaller than that on the average American. After all, coffee is a cultural obsession in the United States. Chains with thousands of Continue Reading→

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Apple and Tesla to join forces to make an iCar?

Is Apple set to make a juiced-up electric car? Tesla and Apple have reportedly held talks leading many to believe an acquisition is on the horizon. Source: Supplied TWO of the world’s most innovative companies may have discussed working together or even joining forces, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report. Tesla CEO Elon Musk …

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Mobile phones ‘pose no health risk’ according to report

UK research group publishes its final report which shows no evidence of health risks linked to mobile phone use There is no evidence of mobile phones causing any health risks according to the UK’s largest programme of research into the possible link. Following 11 years of research, the mobile telecommunications and health research programme (MTHR) …

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Top IT Trends for 2014

Each year we compose our Top IT Trends and reflect on how markedly our world changes through technology. From digital watches to putting a man on the moon, technology has changed the way we think of time and space. Often, the advances are at breathtaking speed but sometimes it takes years for a technological breakthrough …

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The credit card of the future

A chip and a PIN: The future of credit cards   A series of hacks at two major retailers over the Christmas shopping season has so startled the U.S. retail sector that it is rushing to catch up, technologically, with Kenya in terms of security. Magnetic stripe credit cards that are swiped at the retail …

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Virtual composer makes beautiful music—and stirs controversy

Can a computer program really generate musical compositions that are good …   When most of us think about a machine composing musical pieces, we think of primitive songs coming out of a HAL 9000 that could be suitable for a child’s toy, but nothing that music lovers would actually enjoy. That’s because most of …

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human brain

What makes us human? Unique brain area linked to higher cognitive powers

An area of the brain that seems to be unique to humans (in red). Credit: Image courtesy of University of Oxford Oxford University researchers have identified an area of the human brain that appears unlike anything in the brains of some of our closest relatives. The brain area pinpointed is known to be intimately involved …

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